Monday, August 15, 2011

Incorporating Sliding Patio Door Blinds in Outdoor Design

The choice of how to redesign out door areas can
often be a tough decision. Homeowners like to
show off the landscaping of their backyards or
front porches without detracting from the privacy
that is often lost by using sliding doors. An option
that has gained popularity among homeowners
includes the purchasing and installing of sliding
patio doors with blinds.

Traditionally, sliding glass doors have often been
frowned on, as they can sometimes be hard to
cover and offer very little privacy. They also
require a lot of cleaning after a rain or watering
the law. If you would like to add doors to offer
access to an outdoor area, such as a pool, one
option to consider include sliding patio doors with
blinds already attached. There are a variety of
these doors available, with styles ranging from
casual and modern to offering a more traditional
look. Blinds can be fixated on the front of the
window or can be encased between the two
panes of glass, offering an easy to manage style.

Using sliding doors with blinds also offers a lot of
privacy without detracting from style. Option for
this design of sliding doors can offer
homeowners the ability to keep a house cooler,
by blocking out sunlight and reducing the
amount of air conditioning that is used, especially
in the summer months. Likewise, sliding doors
with blinds can also keep warm air in, by slowing
the amount of cool air that can enter a room.

As mentioned, the design of sliding patio doors
with blinds comes with a wide option of blind
and window style options. Blinds can come with
bamboo shades, for a casual and updated look or
traditional Venetian for a style that will match any
decor. These are just some of the options
available when deciding on the proper window
treatments for your sliding doors.

Sliding patio doors with blinds don't necessarily
only need to be an option for outdoors use.
These doors can also be used within the house,
providing access to greenhouses or an area that
has a lot of plants and sunlight. The blinds are
built in between the panes of glass. Blinds that are
secured like this are very reliable and may last a
life time. These blinds offer very low maintenance
if any at all. I have had many friends who have
ran into the problem of putting blinds that are not
secured around their sliding glass doors.

French doors with blinds will allow owners to
have privacy in these areas, if desired and create
division amongst the various rooms.
When considering how to redesign your next
outdoor area, consider these doors with blinds
for style, aesthetics and to help put some money
back in your wallet.
The author is an architect and is dealing with
sliding patio doors and many other doors as per
the clients need.
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