Friday, December 23, 2011

Choosing Sliding Glass Or French Patio Doors For Your Home

In today's age, new or replacement patio doors
can truly add a sense of elegance throughout the
home. Many people throughout the world use
their patio area for social gatherings, family time,
or a place to unwind after work. Aside from
simply being a door to the backyard, these doors
can provide a modern look and also add overall
value to your home. Modern patio doors come in
many different styles, colors, and materials.
Choosing the right style of door is just one of
many decisions to make when it comes time to
replace or create a patio door for your home.

One style that is very popular are sliding glass
patio doors. Sliding glass doors can save you
space in a smaller room or kitchen by allowing
the door to slide back and forth, rather than
swing out and potentially knocking into objects.
Sliding glass doors can also add value and
elegance to your home, especially if you have a
well maintained yard, as it is essentially a large
window. Sliding glass doors are virtually
maintenance-free, and as long as the track is kept
clean of debris, it can last decade without any
major wear and tear. Sliding glass doors are best
for more private, fenced-in yards, as it potentially
allows passer-bys to view into your home.

Another style that has become more popular in
recent years is the french-style patio doors.
French doors are doors that have multiple
windows, or lights, set into the full length of the
door. They often are constructed from individual
square pieces of glass that are fit into an
embedded grille. They differ from sliding glass
doors in the fact that they swing out from a
hinge, rather than slide back and forth. They also
often come as a double french door, meaning
two doors swing outward, which allows for a
much larger opening than single or even sliding
glass doors can provide.

As you can see, there are many differences in
styles to choose from when replacing a patio
door. There are also several other factors to
consider such as if you'd like to have pet access,
weather conditions, cost, and whether or not the
style you pick will fit into the overall theme of
your home. Patio doors in San Diego, for
instance, could be slightly different than some
doors found in a more harsh environments. Ask
your local retailer for advice on which door style
and material would be best suited for your
particular home and situation. It always helps to
do a little bit of research before diving into a
project such as this.
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