Sunday, December 25, 2011

Tips to Improve the Security For Your Patio Door to Keep Your family and home Safety

When you have a home with a garden you are
blessed with a beautiful patio door that can be
decorated according to the available furnishing
and ambient of your room. You can add various
window treatments that are not only nice looking
but also extremely functional, such as some
blinds with their strong room insulation, or
curtains that can be made of any material or
fabric that you like.

As a homeowner you will soon realize though
that a patio door can be one of the least secure
area of your entire home. One of the reasons for
this home security issue is the fact that usually
the veranda door is made of a huge piece of glass
which can be easily broken. Also this door is
quite wide, much wider than the regular entrance
doors, so it is not so easy to enhance its security.
So then the question remains: how to make sure
that the whole house has proper security in place,
including the door that leads to the backyard?

There are a couple of things you can do here. For
example you can use a set of security bars that
are made of stainless steel that not only are highly
functional but also quite decorative. There are
various security bars that you can find online at
auctions and stores and it won't be difficult to find
one that really matches the interior decor of your
own home. If you really want to give security the
best shot, then get a bar that has an alarm
attached to it.

Also you can install some secondary locks that
will make it more difficult for anyone to enter the
room through the veranda door. There are many
good quality locks that are available to buy and
some have various high-tech installations that
make your home quite safe and secure. You can
also install regular deadbolt locks as well, don't
throw that idea out of the window as these are
also very useful in keeping any thieves out.

The fact remains though that patio doors are
made of glass and glass breaks easily. One way
you can overcome this issue is by installing a
couple of security bars over the glass door. This
means that if the thief or burglar breaks the glass,
he still won't be able to enter the house due to the
bars that are strategically placed on the door. Also
you might want to look into the modern and
highly sophisticated glass panes that are available

Many of them are not only very durable
but even bullet proof. While they might empty
your wallet initially, in case a burglar does try to
enter the house and doesn't succeed due to the
new glass in place, you will be forever glad that
you paid that higher amount to protect your
home and get the peace of mind that you
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