Saturday, December 24, 2011

Selecting Sliding Patio Door Locks For Your Home

When you are trying to choose which sliding
patio door locks will work the best for your
home, there are a few different things to
consider. Safety in your home is very important.
Whether you live alone, have kids, or any other
circumstances, you will want to make sure that
your home is as secure as you can make it.
These days crime rates are through the roof and
the need for home security is at an all time high.
By taking the time to think about all of the
different factors you will be able to select the right
door locks for your patio door, one of the classic
entry points a burglar would use, due to it
normally being hidden at the back of the house
and not always very secure.

The first thing you want to do when you are
selecting a patio door lock is consider all of the
different types that are available. There are the
traditional latch types which are located on the
handle of the door, whether of metal or upvc.
These typically have a lever that can be pushed
up or down to secure the door. There are also
ones that require a key to be able to lock and
unlock the patio door, although some
combination lock products are occasionally used
in a home environment although more often for
business purposes.

The other type that a lot of people use is called a
security bar. It is built out of strong durable steel
with rubber ends. This type of lock will prevent
the door from being slid open until the bar has
been removed from the inside of the door. Other
similar bars come in a more ornate style,
sometimes fitting at the base of the door, which
just look that little bit better for those that are
aesthetically minded.

Another option is the deadbolt lock type, which
often complements a latch lock. Ideally a deadbolt
should be situated top and bottom of the door, to
make it that much harder to pry the door open.
If you are having a little bit of trouble selecting the
lock that you want to use, then there are a few
different things that can help you make a

The first thing that you want to think
about is the people who are going to be using the
lock. You want it to be easy for them to get in
and out of the door. However, at the same time,
you want to choose a lock that is going to keep
thieves out of your home. Ease of use is nice;
however, keep in mind, you are trying to prevent
unauthorized people from entering into your
home and causing harm to you or your family.
So, for example, you might want to forgo a top
deadlock if you are going to struggle to open this,
especially if you need to do so quickly in the
event of a fire. Alternatively, a quick release
locking bar might be much more practical in
these circumstances.

These are the some of the things to keep in mind
when you are selecting sliding patio door locks to
protect your home with. By taking the time to
look at a few different locks you will be able to
find one that is both easy for you to use and
strong enough to keep thieves and burglars out.
Make sure to keep these tips in mind while you
are shopping so that you will be able to select the
best patio door lock for your home.
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